[CCNA学习指南] 第一章 网络互联 Internetworking


第一章 网络互联 Internetworking 摘要 CCNA考点 Describe how a network works> Describe the purpose and functions of various network devices [...]

[Effective Security] 第一章笔记


第1章 最佳实践、标准与行动计划 前言 本书介绍 本书目的: 帮助理解实现有效网络安全所需要的: 技术 操作流程 管理实践 本书提供: 关于 实施标准和最佳实践文档的 指南和需求 所需要的技术、操作程序和管理实践的 详细说明 一个 基于 众多标准和最佳实践文档[...]

[ICS_33] Week01 Note01 Review


Review 1. Python in 4 sentences Python in Four Sentences: Names (in namespaces) are bound to objects. Everything that Python compu[...]

[INF43] Lecture 17 Process part 3


XP Model Always create tests as early as possible, especially before coding Do as many development activities in pairs as possible[...]

[INF43] Lecture 15 Process Model part 2


Spiral Strengths Good for new projects with uncertain, complex requirements Riskiest parts get developed first Weaknesses Develope[...]

[INF43] Lecture 15 Pr


Process Process are rememdies Process can help but not silver bullet What is model an ideal version of process: an ideal simplifie[...]

[INF43] Lecture 14 Testing part 4


White box testing Use source code to derive test cases Build a graph model of the system State test cases in terms of graph covera[...]

[INF43] Lecture 13 Testing part3


Two overall testing approaches Black box testing Specification-based testing give input and use testing oracle to check whether ou[...]