[INF43] Lecture 12 Testing part2


Testing curve Ways to choose test cases Intuition specification black know something what should they behaved then write the tests[...]

[INF43] Lecture 11 Testing part 1


Failures Boeing 737 Safety doesn't come first, money comes first do not modify hardware problem but software because it is cheaper[...]

[INF43] Lecture 10 Usability and software failure


Interview and obeservation tacit knowledge: cannot be desribed Personas the purpose of these are for you to understand who your us[...]

[INF43] Lecture 9 How do we structure the software…


Desgin Notation So it helps us by helping reduce our information overload. And when you have an idea in your mind. Software Develo[...]

[INF43] Lecture 8 How do we structure the software…


Design Phases Software Design Design behaviors Desgin phase of softare engineering: after requirements ask questions of "How&[...]

[INF43] Lecture5 How do we structure software


Software architecture So software architecture deals with how we go from requirements to code right there has to be something in b[...]

[Inf43] Lecture 6 Software Architecture Styles


Styles Object-oriented components are objects and each object contains all the data and behavior relevant to the object. connector[...]

[INF43] Lecture 3 How do we know waht to build


How do we know what to build part 1 1. Software Failures What is the real problem Complexity banking system is hard, bank rule is [...]